About us


Success lies in continuous improvement, teamwork, flexibility and a focus on our clients and the global community. With this in mind, we fight to maintain our position as one of the top suppliers of flocked solutions in the automotive sector.


To create innovative solutions and to establish long-term relationships with our clients, cons-tantly adapting to the needs of the market under the win-win premise.

  • Values


    Proximity, thanks to the direct and personalised service we offer each of our clients, making the company more flexible and dynamic.

    Commitment to quality and the total satisfaction of our clients constitute the main driving force behind each of the individuals who form our team.

    Excellence, through continuous improvement and investment in R&D&I, key factors on the path to success.

    Innovation and development of new solutions to satisfy tomorrow’s highest expectations.

    Integrity and a responsibility to our clients, suppliers and employees, as well as to society and the environment.

Company policies

Industrias Tapla, S.L. produces and updates its company and corporate responsibility policies, based on the current regulations, applicable legal requirements, and considering all the company’s interested parties worldwide.

  • Quality policy

    Industrias Tapla S.L is a company that has been devoted from the outset to the production of flocked arti-cles for a variety of applications.

    Our policy of continuous improvement has enabled us to perfect flocking technology in order to achieve excellent technical products used in a variety of industries, and which today we regularly export to a growing number of customers worldwide.

    With a solid R&D base, at Industrias Tapla S.L we design and produce comprehensive flocking solutions, all aimed at satisfying our customers needs, while offering services and products with a high standard of quality. At all times we are committed to preventing and minimising the environmental impact of our activities.

    Our policy is promoted by the Board of Directors and followed by every member of the team with total responsibility and involvement in order to achieve the defined objectives.

    We maintain an effective and efficient programme of Quality, Environmental and Safety Management, at all times seeking continuous improvement and greater competitiveness in the market, by promoting the continuous motivation and training of our team and our suppliers.

    As a part of the basic values of Tapla Industries S.L. there is a strong commitment to promote a management model based on integrity, clarity and ethics in all aspects.

    We are committed to complying with all the regulations in force and other underwritten requirements in all our processes and products, as well as the protection of the Environment.

  • Environmental commitment

    Industrias Tapla S.L is firmly committed to respecting the environment and applies ecological and sustainable purchasing policies alongside a programme of environmental objectives aimed at reducing the consumption of natural resources, all based on the ISO 14001 standard.

    Our programme of objectives is achieved by continuously updating the facilities by choosing LED lighting, more efficient machinery and exhaustive control of consumption, applying fault-finding and preventive control systems to prevent excessive consumption or misuse of natural resources.

    The annual objectives focus on reducing energy, gas, water, paper and fuel consumption.

    At Tapla Industries we also have a waste management system implemented in all areas of the company, and which focuses on increasing the segregation of waste and minimising the impact of banal or non-segregated waste.

    During 2016, Industrias Tapla participated in the European “shared energy manager” programme by conducting an external energy audit in its facilities.

    Our firmest commitment is to keep working steadfastly towards continuing to contribute improvements that help maintain a sustainable environment.

  • Certificates

    With a clear orientation towards continuous improvement, Industrias Tapla SL certifies its processes under the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards and manages environmental resources under the ISO 14001 standard.

Social responsibility

  • Industrias Tapla S.L collaborates and engages in activities that add value to a variety of organisations with different social purposes that revolve around our teams, our products and all those involved with the company.

    View Tapla Good Practice Report >

    Check out our news section to view the projects in which Industrias Tapla collaborates.

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