Flocked solutions for other industries

Industrias Tapla designs, develops and manufactures flocked products for any technical application, following the specifications and regulations required by the sector of activity.

Construction products

Insulation and sealing for the construction industry.

TAPLA ISC flocked tape is specific for the construction industry and is used in profiling. Its high qualities in isolation from traditional systems are outstanding.

Packaging products

A flocking and finishes line dedicated exclusively to producing items for the decorative packaging sector, providing quality packaging for cosmetics, perfumery, jewellery, etc. Tapla Industries coordinates and advises its customers in order to find the best solution in each project.

Other applications

  • High-end projection screens
  • Bath screen profiles
  • Air conditioning units
  • Motor cycling and motor racing helmets
  • IPE protection at work
  • Photocopiers and printers
  • Upholstery
  • Garments

Technical assistance

Industrias Tapla has its own technical assistance department, where support is offered at all stages of the project: from its inception (design), start-up (fine tuning) and throughout the entire life of the project. Alongside our customers, and according to the needs of each project, we develop the specific application systems for each product.


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