Global flocked solutions for the automotive industry

Tapla designs, develops and produces flocked products designed to meet the customers’ needs and requirements with customised solutions for any application.


This is a flocked polypropylene profile principally used on seat belt guides. It reduces sli-ding friction and vibration noise that may occur.


TaplaSpring has been designed to provide a self-adhesive and easily-applied solution in various parts of the car. It is used to improve sliding and reduce noise.


A flocked, adhesive and die-cut piece, custom-designed. It can be used in any application that requires a flocked solution.

Tapla C Tex Adhesive

A flocked self-adhesive and die-cut textile to apply on flat or curved surfaces.


Flocked and die cut parts to be overmolded by means of injection molding.

Technical assistance

Industrias Tapla has its own technical assistance department, where support is offered at all stages of the project: from its inception (design), start-up (fine tuning) and throughout the entire life of the project. Alongside our customers, and according to the needs of each project, we develop the specific application systems for each product.


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