Flocked solutions for sealing systems

Tapla’s flocktape is the best solution for simple profile flocking. It can be applied on materials such as TPE/TPV, EPDM or PVC, and meets the highest demands of the manufactures in the sector.

Produced using water-based adhesives and physically attached to the profile by temperature, Tapla’s flocktape avoids the use of solvent-based adhesives in the application process and enhance the flexibility for its application.

Its greatest benefits are:

  • Greater density and better abrasion results.
  • Flock application space reduced by over 99%.
  • Design of applicators that help implement the use of the flocked tape in the customer’s production process
  • Reduction of waste to practically 0%.
  • Reduction of maintenance.
  • Reduction of costs.

Taplatape Color

Taplatape Color is mainly used in door profiles, providing a higher quality finish that is pleasant to the touch. The colours are developed according to the need of the product.


With a homogeneous application on the flocked surface, at Tapla we have developed our own technique to apply any of the various coatings available in the market. Able to meet the highest dosages of coating required by the manufacturers in the sector without gene-rating consequences during the application on the profile.

Flocktape application

Flocktape for inner waist belt

Flocktape application

Flocktape for outer waist belt

Flocktape application

Flocktape for glass run channel

Flocktape application

Flocktape for door seal

Technical assistance

Industrias Tapla has its own technical assistance department, where support is offered at all stages of the project: from its inception (design), start-up (fine tuning) and throughout the entire life of the project. Alongside our customers, and according to the needs of each project, we develop the specific application systems for each product.


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